About Emily

Born a natural empath, hypersensitive and medium,  my awareness of the unseen worlds has taken me halfway around the world and back again.  A collection of teachings and experiences has paved a permanent path to my divine purpose.  The philosophies and techniques that I use are divinely created from my travels and experiences, providing a multi-layered menu of services.  I love to teach what I’ve learned and am passionate about self-empowerment.  Translation of light and energy is shared through symbology, vocal toning, color and crystal therapies.  I specialize in reading energy at its core to reveal the ‘real story’ of illness and illuminate an authentic view of our soul.  Giving language and tools to navigate our world brings us all to a higher awareness, out of suffering and pain. Ceremony is my purpose, in everything.   May we journey together strong and love compassionately. Blessings.

Emily shares her journey of awakening and finding her main passion in life.  She discovered gifts, friends and love along the way.  May her story encourage you to connect with Spirit and live passionately.

Emily's Story

A journey halfway around the world to find spirit and return home.

From as young as I can remember I have seen, heard and communicated with spirits.  Spirits came to me mostly at night. At times I was afraid and didn't understand what to do with the information.  Many times I would be on a property and have visions and knowings of that place without any other way of knowing anything about it.  The information was sometimes scary because the memories the land spoke of was from trauma.  The feelings that had existed within the walls or in the earth remained many years, sometimes hundreds of years.  The fact that I could experience something that I had no physical memory of seemed common in my quiet childhood, in the religious state of Utah in the United States. 

My ability to draw on energies by way of blessings and clearings was exercised without much acknowledgement. What I experienced wasn't encouraged or spoken about.  Most people I shared it with were afraid and didn't want to know.  I grew up quietly experiencing and often shutting it off.

In September 2001 my father passed away from cancer.  My intuition was strong and my connection with him was stronger.  During the following 3 months, I felt his transformation from physical life to physical death.  It was a beautiful process.  I saw his room filled with angels, I knew he was waiting for his time to go. I never felt a loss until his funeral, where with over 500 people I was overwhelmed with the communal love for him.  After 3 years, I could feel his spirit with me again.

I researched my abilities, my sensitivities.  I sought advice from religious leaders, friends, strangers and psychics.  Books on shamanism started my journey home.

My life became consumed by my desire to allow my intuition to be my teacher and my guide.

I lived in Hawaii for over 3 years where I excersized and tested my mediumship and it's accuracy.  I have always questioned and wanted to understand more than the simplicity of it.  I was very skeptical for a long time, even with the experiences being so obvious and profound. The Goosebumps Guide I worked with said that in 17 years of being a guide he had never seen someone as 'sensitive' to it as I was.  He tested me at a few sites known to the locals as being haunted. After 2 hours of talking and translating 3 people we were convinced that I had a very clear ability.  With the guide's knowledge and a little internet research we concluded that my accuracy was 99% with the 1% for the unsupported evidence.  This was astounding!

In 2005 I returned to the mainland, reluctantly.  I knew my feet were wanting another land. This gave me more time to research, travel and test my abilities.

A few days after my 31st birthday I arrived in Sydney Australia.  My intention was to allow my intuition, as my guide and teacher, to be trusted 100%.  Where, when and however my intuition told me I would obey.  I worked with oracle cards and symbols to support my guidance.  Within my first week in Oz I was being called 'the ghost whisperer'. I worked with a filming company to acquire information on haunted sites in the Sydney area.  Upon my 4 month stay in Melbourne I was asked to read for other people in an Angel's shop. I was reluctant but figured 'what's the worst that can happen? failure?'. I have been reading ever since. Workshops began shortly after.

The Daintree was a retreat for a short while where I meditated and met a group of spiritual guides.  Upon our first arranged meeting they asked me if I was 'IN'.  I said yes.

About two weeks later I decided to use Spirit as part of my name for my therapies.  I had searched and meditated for a new name to call myself and the closest character that I could identify with is myself in spirit.  I believe we all are the same in this regard, I am no more than someone else.  I am known as Emily on this earthly plane and whilst open to all that is, I am Spirit.  Spirit is in all things.  It is the understanding of "That I Am".  Together, without separation I am EmilySpirit.

During a shamanic journey led by an acquaintance of mine I identified my higher self, as a full spiritual being. We shared a language I have never heard of.  I remember being upset with this spirit, off-loading all of my frustration of not being informed about my path or my purpose in this human life. This spirit understood and let me know that my guidance is here.  The language of light has been a blessing in my communications with energy, especially in my sessions. Sometimes I can translate it's meaning. I feel English can be limiting and doesn't carry the frequency the same.  Energy has frequency, it has song, it is beautiful!

In July 2009, during a phone reading, I began drawing a woman's energy centres.  I had no previous experience with chakras. The drawings helped me understand through symbology what this woman's pain was coming from.  The symbol showed the trauma that was created when she was a child, that was affecting her way of thinking and feeling as an adult.  This was a breakthrough!  I began to understand some of the significance in eastern medicine.  The chakras are an energetic imprint within our being that show an accurate picture of our wellbeing.  They explain the mental, physical and spiritual placement of what is working for a person and what is not.  Since this discovery I have helped direct people in getting medical advice that has aided in early detection of some serious ailments such as cancer.  And through this basic knowledge my Transformational Therapies began to take form.  Energy is the earliest detection that exists. Before we receive an emotion or physical problem, energy is there describing it. What if we can cure things before they slow us down?  I know this is the future to healing.  I believe this is the healing that the ancients have tried to pass on and keep sacred.  We all have it within us!  We all have access to it. We are remembering it again!

A friend of mine was invited to a ceremony in the hinterlands above Port Douglas, Queensland. She asked me to join her and we both knew I was meant to go and didn't understand why.  I had very little exposure to earth grid work and was intrigued.  During the beginning of the ceremony I was in the centre of the circle and broke out in chant. The resonance and passion that came through me was palpible. I was in awe and also felt a comfort like an old favorite pair of shoes.  My love for chanting has continued and is expressed in sessions, workshops, gatherings and the like.

Many blessings of people and their love have taught me what is possible and directed me to finding my purpose. My inner distilling nature, that runs deep within the earth, combined with my unwavering faith of all that is, reminds me of my infinate being of all that I am.  I have been given the opportunity to communicate and translate energy, to walk on the path of divine truth and love, and to share with beautiful people along the way.  Life is priceless.

My passion and intent is to allow and accept the opportunities of my journey to teach and bless all involved.   Fully living and loving in the moment, and going with the flow, are my mantras.

Thank you for being interested in my journey and may my experience assist you in yours!

Many blessings,