Birth & Ceremony


After the blissful home birth of her son in 2014 Emily became passionate about helping mothers through the transformational experience of childbirth.  She uses her mindfulness & meditation techniques to empower the family to have the best experience possible.  Emily's experience has often taken her into the hospital setting where she is creative and powerful as a birth assistant.

Post-partum Doula

The 4th trimester is often lacking in support.  Having someone specialized in assisting with the transition and helping in areas where friends and family are not training makes the experience a notch above the rest.  Emily loves to teach her self-care and time-management techniques.


Ceremony is all around us.  Weddings are commonplace for a spiritually-minded celebrant, whilst events such as rites-of-passage and meditations can equally use the sacredness that ceremony brings.  Emily has been an active participant in ceremonies of all kinds since 2008.

As a mother, intuitive and empowerment coach Emily shares what being a Postpartum Doula is and how she cares for other mothers.  Her organic calming nature is nurturing and healing.  The profession of Postpartum Doula has arisen to care for the mothers and newborns to ensure a positive and secure future. Nurturing the parent-child relationship from the start supports a firm foundation for our future. May we all empower the families who care for our children through love, support and compassion.


About Emily