Vocal Toning, Medicine Drum and Transformation

Vocal Toning Class information

Experience this rare talent in private sessions, ceremonies and meditations. 

Music is a key component of healing the soul. 

Medicine Drum

Emily loves to play her drum in any setting; ceremony, meditation, mindfulness tools, private sessions, to name a few. Healing music and meditation music to soothe your soul. class information available below.


Sound therapy techniques Emily describes exactly how to to dig in deep to soothe your soul for transformation. Servicing clients in Murray, Salt Lake City, and Sandy Utah.

Special Events and Class Schedules with Emily Presenting

Drum with Emily

drum with emily spirit who heals your pains through music

1st Monday of the month.
Bring your hoop drum.  Practice ceremonial and healing styles to better connect to your drum.  The second half is a drum journey experience by Psychic Emily.

Mindfulness Monday

mindfulness tools with emily spirit mondays

2nd Monday of the month.  

Mindfulness and Meditation tools and practical skills for every human being. By Emily Spirit, Psychic Reader.

Vocal Toning Workshop

mindfulness and processing your emotions

Class information - 4th Monday of the month.

Learn How to Process your emotions more effectively by attending this class session in Murray, UT.

Transformation Processing

Process better!  Ditch the story, super quick method, learn to do-it-yourself and help others.

Local Event - 4th Monday of the month.

Transformational processing that shows you how to think differently and positively view challenging situations.

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