Vocal Toning, Medicine Drum and Transformation

Vocal Toning

Experience this rare talent in private sessions, ceremonies and meditations. 

Music is a key component of healing the soul. 

Medicine Drum

Emily loves to play her drum in any setting; ceremony, meditation, mindfulness tools  private sessions, to name a few. Healing music and meditation music to soothe your soul.


Sound therapy techniques Emily describes exactly how to to dig in deep to soothe your soul for transformation. Servicing clients in Murray, Salt Lake City, and Sandy Utah.

Psychic Emily speaks about her drums and Sound Therapy

Emily is a Psychic, Mindfulness, Meditation and Spiritual Teacher she loves the drum as an outlet for stress. The Native American drum is one of her favorite tools in meditation, along with her voice. Healing music is just one of her transformation techniques.

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Meditation as an empowering tool, a way of life, and a way to quickly recharge.  Emily shares why meditation has been so powerful for her in personal practice and for clients mindfulness growth.